Niglon M3CU Range of Amendment 3 Single 100A Switched Metal Consumer Units

Niglon M3CU Range of Amendment 3 Single 100A DP Switched Metal Consumer Units

Image is for illustration only and may not be the one supplied

Designed in conjunction with contractors and experienced electrical and
mechanical engineers to specifically meet Amendments 3 regulation 421.1.201
of the Wiring Regulations BS7671.
The document states that the Consumer Units and similar switchgear
assemblies shall be manufactured from non-combustible materials or be
enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material
and complying with regulation 132.12.

Includes 100 amp DP Switched Main Isolator or 63amp RCD
See below for MCB’s and RCBO’s ( Not included )

• Cable entries to 5 sides (includes
32mm and 25mm k/os on 4 sides and
large rear k/os with radius corners).
• For MCB and RCBO use.
• Maximised cable routing space
to assist installation.
• Top hinged door (unlatched) to
ensure closed position and aid
non-combustible integrity.

Models available:
M3CU4 2 Way 100 Amp
M3CU6 4 Way 100 Amp
M3CU8 6 Way 100 Amp
M3CU10 8 Way 100 Amp
M3CU14 12 Way 100 Amp
M3CU16 14 Way 100 Amp
M3CU18 16 Way 100 Amp