Energy Saver Halogen Round Bulb (Golf Ball) BC, ES, SES, SBC 18W-28W-42W

Halogen Eco Golf Ball Lamps
The Halogen Energy Saver is a new range of lamps which offers the versatility of traditional halogen lamps,
with the advantages of energy savings.
Offering 30% energy savings, this lamp will reduce your energy costs.

Unlike compact fluorescent energy saving lamps,
the Halogen Energy Saver is fully dimmable so gives you the best
of both halogen and compact fluorescent technology.

Direct Replacement Size & Colour as Old Incandescent Lamps

Avaliable in

  • BC (B22)
  • ES (E27)
  • SBC (B15)
  • SES (E14)
  • 18W = 25W
  • 28W = 40W
  • 42W = 60W


  • Fully Dimmable
  • 30% energy savings