5 Core SWA Cable 1.5mm – 16.0mm – Cut by the Metre, 50m and 100m Drum

Steel wire armoured cable, commonly abbreviated as SWA, is a hard-wearing power cable designed for the supply of mains electricity.

Steel wire armour provides mechanical protection, which means the cable can withstand higher stresses, be buried directly and used in external or underground projects.

Application: SWA BS5467 cable – power and auxiliary control cables for use in power networks, underground, outdoor and indoor applications and for use in cable ducting.

Standards: BS5467, IEC 60502, BSEN (IEC) 60332-1-2

Conductor: Class 2 stranded plain copper conductor to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360)

Insulation: XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)

Bedding: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Armouring: multi core: SWA (steel wire armour)

Sheath: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Sheath colour: Black (carbon loaded for UV stability)

Core colours: Brown / Black / Grey / Blue / Green + Yellow

Temperature rating: -15ºc to +90ºc

1.5mm – 16.0mm

Cut by the Metre, 50m and 100m drums available